Review: Zoeller Aquanot® 508-0007 12 Volt backup sump pump WITH M98 pump

Product Features

  • Designed using Zoeller®'s time-tested components giving you the needed performance and reliability.
  • ***INCLUDES Model M98 1/2 HP pump***
  • 12 V, highly-efficient, non-corrosive pump construction. Supplied with 6' (1.8 m) leads.
  • NOT a Bilge pump. Designed, Engineered and Assembled by Zoeller® as a sump pump
  • Efficient design means more water pumped during emergencies.
New Price: $696.53
Old Price: $849.11
You Save: $152.58
(as of 02/24/2018 12:11 UTC - Details)

Product Description


  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 54.6 pounds
  • Designed with best tested parts from the company
  • Works on the voltage of 12 V
  • highly-efficient
  • Thermoplastic body, corrosion free
  • Unique design, very helpful in emergencies.


This pump is a fair model, and could be really helpful in emergency situations. The body is well designed, giving you maximum performance, with good flow rate of the water. Industrial grade thermoplastic is used in the construction, making the body solid and corrosion free. This pump has one of the most rigid bodies in sump pumps available in the market.


While working, this pump does make a little bit noise, but it won’t bug you out. There are absolutely no vibrations while operation. This pump is a very good performer, and can manage a medium house, even bigger than a medium house. Also, backup id provided, so this is your friend in emergencies.


Normal sump pumps loosen up their parts, after working heavy duty, but this pump can last a lot more than your normal sump pump, due to tested parts used by the company. The company has used self-made, quality tested, and assembled parts for the pump. This means, this pump is pure performer, nothing else. You can expect it to last for a decade, without having much of maintenance cost. This pump is one time investment, and is very durable. It is suggested for the people, who like things that last, and work like a charm.


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